{Guest Post} “My thoughts on the Election’s result and the role of Young Politicians”, by TJ Dobson

Dear children,

you certainly remember TJ Dobson, the young politician-to-be from Barnett, whom we interviewed with regard to the Youth Parliament’s elections. 

Today, TJ is again with us as he agreed to guest blog for us on the election’s results.

You can compare TJ’s views on the election to those expressed by Max Reeve, another child very passionate about politics, who guest blogged for us last week: while Max’s article is more concerned with highlighting the reasons why he is satisfied with the election’s results, TJ’s piece focuses on his expectations for young politicians.

Below, you can find TJ’s article: 

Courtesy of Dobson's family

Courtesy of the Dobson family

“I am not in favour of any one specific party to govern the country, as long as who is in charge protects the youth: now more than ever, young people are involved in the shaping of our future and their voices have to be heard.

What young politicians like me would want is to become more proactive in Parliament and see our hard work carrying on. We work alongside a group of responsible adults, who are always there, walking with us step by step, and mainstream politics should acknowledge it. In particular, I am referring to the following youth’s boards: Barnet UKYP, British Youths Council, UK Youth Parliament, Youths Commissioners and Mayor’s Fund for London Youths Board, coupled with the Children’s Trust Board and the NHS Youth Board.

Whichever is the government in charge, it should understand that it is important to set a platform for our peers to work from, as we are the future of tomorrow… Without us, what would it be?

As I said, I have not been supporting any specific party for the election: I will approve every party that ensures that the youth of tomorrow is not passed away by the wayside. If mainstream politics gives young people (and, in particular, young politicians) more importance, we will be able to make more informed choices and enhance our understanding of politics. These steps would facilitate us to adhere to the law and the policies and procedures of the land, which would assist us cutting down gang war, race fights, postcode knifing and etc.

The most essential thing for me is not “who” won the election, but “what” the winner is going to do. I just would like us all to work together to build the country. Therefore, I would like the governing party chosen by British people to work with young politicians like me to help us building a brighter and productive future.”

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